Srilankan Frogmouth

Srilankan or Ceylon frogmouth is found in Western Ghats of India and in Srilanka. It is rarely seen during the day except at roost sites or when flushed. It regularly uses the same roost spot for months. They are highly camouflaged and find it hard to spot. When alarmed at its perch, it slowly move sit head, pointing its bill upward, and it can easily be mistaken for a jagged, broken branch .It relies on this crypsis and will often sit still a long time before making an escape. It has a distinctive call that is usually heard at dawn and desk. Like all frogmouths, this species has a wide and hooked bill with slit-like nostrils and the large head with eyes facing forward to provide a wide field of binocular vision. The breeding season in Southern India is January to April. It feeds on insects, catching them in flight or gleaning them from the ground or tree branches

Last updated: May 28, 2023