Kerala Endemic Birding Tours

Tour Overview This short Kerala Endemics birding tour to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary at Thattekkad and the hill country at Munnar is ideal for those looking for a quick birding trip in Kerala in South India. Most of the Western Ghats endemics are sighted on this trip. Endemic Birds Sighted During the Trip Kerala […]

South India Endemic Birding Tours

The Western Ghats ( Western Mountain Ranges ) are ranges of hills along the western edge of the Deccan plateau in peninsular India. EBA ( Endemic Bird Area ) extends along the Ghats from just north of Maharashtra to the tip of the peninsula. Western-ghats is home for many mouth watering endemic species along with […]

Western Ghats Endemic Birding Tour

The term “Western Ghats” evokes curiosity, wonder and fascination amongst nature lovers and particularly for birders. The word “ghat” means “steps leading to water” but is often roughly translated as “mountain” or “hill”, and so the “Western Ghats” refers to the chain of mountains and hills that run in a north-south direction in western India […]

Bird Photography Tours

Eldhose Bird Tours arranges Bird Photography Tours across South India. if you’re a photography enthusiast keen to make the most of a vacation,this is the place you have to be. A trip here and you will surely go again.We welcome you, the photography-enthusiast, to travel with us on carefully designed photography tours across South-India. Come on board […]