Eldhose K.V

Eldhose K.V is an ardent and experienced ornithologist residing in Thattekkadu Bird
Sanctuary in Central Kerala. He focuses on birding in whole of South India and he has been
leading bird tours since 1999.His birding experience go back to his childhood when he was
inspired by Dr.Salim Ali’s book,”Birdsof Kerala”. What started of a hobby grew to an intense

In 1999, Eldhose had the opportunity to assist in the production of the BBC series, “Life of
Birds” .He identified the habitat and three nests of the elusive Rufous Woodpecker. In
appreciation of his knowledge and effort ,Sir David Attenburough gifted Eldhose with a pair of
binoculars and that started off a profession in birding.

The previous sixteen years of birding were done without any visual aids. This enhanced his
capability to identify birds by their calls.

Eldhose is an expert in tracking birds by their calls. His dream project is to develop bird habitat
by planting ficus trees in rich birding area. In 2000,he was also provided a grant by the OBC
(Oriental Bird Club of UK )for study the breeding biology of the Srilankan Frogmouth.

Eldhose has been fortunate to lead the South-Indian bird tours of internationally renowed bird
watchers such as Jon Hornbuckle (www.jonathanhornbuckle.webs.com – SRILANKA &
SOUTHERN INDIA:Feb-March 2002.), Peter Kenston,Pamela C.Rasmussen.

Last updated: March 23, 2019